Life Insurance

At Rand & Fowler we are not only committed to providing comprehensive insurance for your your key possessions such as your house and your car but we are experts on taking care of your number one asset, you! We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a team of Life Insurance agents and Certified Financial Planners who can provide for your every need in this specialized area. So whether it’s a life insurance policy designed to pay off your mortgage, group benefit planning for your company or critical illness insurance setup to access US Health care services we have the solution for you.

Rand & Fowler offers access through our team of specialists to more than 50 years of Life Insurance expertise. We have direct contracts with over ten of the top insurance companies in Canada and pledge to provide a complete analysis and market survey for your specific insurance needs.

While we understand that there never seems to be a good time to plan for mortality issues the reality is now is the time.

Would you consider not insuring your house?  The answer is of course no! So make sure you have considered all your options for your family and yourself by insuring your number one asset, you!!

For more detailed information, and a personal in confidence analysis designed to provide a comprehensive explanation of coverage options call our Rand & Fowler Team at 604-813-2737 or email directly.

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