Travel Insurance

When planning for a trip, insurance is the last thing most people want to think about. There is the flight and accommodation to arrange, the activities to plan, and that new bathing suit to purchase. One never plans on falling ill on holiday. Or having their luggage lost. But imagine if it happened to you, and you were without insurance. Isn’t it worth purchasing insurance so you can have a worry-free vacation?

At Rand & Fowler we encourage you to not only purchase travel insurance, but to examine your options carefully. Talk to a qualified Rand & Fowler agent and we will explain your coverage options. The two most common forms of coverage you will need are trip cancellation and excess hospital and medical coverage.

Trip cancellation coverage protects you from losing the deposit you have paid for your trip or the cost associated with canceling your trip once you have departed. Excess hospital and medical coverage will pay for medical bills that your provincial health care plan does not cover. Provincial health plans often only cover 3% of costs, while hospitals in the United States can charge thousands of dollars per day.

For more detailed information and a more comprehensive explanation of coverage’s and options call your Rand & Fowler agent or simply contact any of our office locations.

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